Meteor handbag: One that has holes, holds nothing and still costs $1665

Look at Virgil Abloh’s Off-White brands latest innovation! It’s a bag full of holes. The latest handbag style is called the “Meteor,” and apparently it’s inspired from meteors, hence the holes. But to be honest with you, I think it’s a reminder of how you have burnt holes in your own pockets to buy something that’s intentionally unfunctional and still costs $1,665. Take one close look at you and you will spot the bag punctured with three giant holes, including one strategically-placed to use as a handle. The bag was made with one purpose though; the purpose is to challenge ‘the concept of a bag itself, one of the most common objects in our everyday lives.’

So if you would like to be looked on as someone who is rich, and wants to strut around in a bag full of holes that costs $1665 and doesn’t hold anything bigger than an earbud, it will be available to buy on September 29 at select retailers. Colors available are red, white and back. On a more serious note, the brand announced in the press release that the items will come with usable pouches to store your valuables inside.


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