Minionistas – when fashion’s biggest stars don on the Minion attire

Were you among the millions that contributed to The Minions $625 million box-office turnout worldwide? Do you find your self unconsciously talking in a strange language, where you feel like you’re making sense, but nobody around you seems to think so? Have you also been running around trying to collect all the cute yellow collectibles you can find? Well then, we can safely say, that you’ve caught the Minion Fever! And while there might be no cure, you’re not the only one; a lot of the greats in the fashion world, have been bitten by the mischievous yellow bug, like Vogue, who released a satirical Minion special short film, while designers Giles Deacon, Piers Atkinson and Rupert Sanderson released their own line called ‘Minions Bello Yellow Collection.’ Now Stylight, the Germany-based online fashion company is also paying tribute to the growing likeness of the cute yellow army by creating their own ‘Minionistas’ – high fashion personas in the Minion attire!

Stylight has done a great job in giving Minion makeovers to a lot of the fashion industry’s biggies, without hampering their true style. For example, Minion Anna (Wintour) sports her classic bob cut, while Suzy Menkes has her classic Tintin quiff, and Donatella’s locks are poker straight and as bright as the sun, like always. The Minionistas also include Cara (Delevingne) and her busy brows, Marc and his tattooed sleeve, Jean Paul in his sailor stripes, Karl in his staple suit and pony tail, Alexa’s love for black and Vivienne’s crazy red hair.

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[Via – Stylight]

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