Moschino teams with Mattel for a Barbie capsule collection

Eccentric designer Jeremy Scott has proved it again “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic “. There have always been some pugnacious remarks for Barbie and her representation of womanhood. For the last Spring-Summer2015 the quirky designer surpassed McDonalds and brought Barbie into the play. Long blond hair, skinny, roller-skating and pink were the highlights of the show. He created the whole new capsule collection around the famous bombshell bringing in the elements of the mannequin to Moschino’s brand identity. This time he used the exactly reversed psychology. Funny Muse isn’t it? Well, that’s what Jeremy is known for bringing in ecstasy, liveliness and fun into the fashion universe

Moschino has teamed up with Mattel to create Barbie doll and capsule collection. This new concept by Moschino is exclusively for woman and would launch on November 9. The bond with the superstar doll continues but with a crisp concept. His objective is to bring all the Moschino’s elements to the legendary doll and not vice versa. He succeeded in giving the iconic ambassador a plethora of accessories to complete her look along with the classic gold chain, cute little Moschino shopping bag, faux leather cap and quilted bomber jacket. Jeremy is definitely an advocate of using unconventional fabrics and prints


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The Italian label can surely expect certain rebellious fashionista to get inspired and fascinated by Jeremy’s erratic style. Lastly how can we forget his incredible sense of humour?

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Update – Jeremy Scott has shared on his Instagram account that the $150 doll has been sold out in less than an hour of its launch today.

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