The world’s most expensive Morphsuit is a million dollar Halloween costume with 20,000 diamonds

Fancy dress suits get fancier this Halloween! Morphsuits had customers asking for something flashier. Well guess what the costume company did? Stud its suits with 20,000 diamonds, “we like to cater for all our customers’ tastes. We had people asking for a ‘flashier’ suit this Halloween, so we decided, why the hell not! Halloween just got a little bit flashier!” Uh huh! The ‘Million Pound Morph’ creation promises to fit like a glove and glitter like the city of Paris. True morphing story!

Morphsuits are all-in-one spandex suits that cover the whole body from head to toe. And while they have been a popular fancy dress choice, they have usually come devoid of precious stones. Gregor Lawson, cofounder of Morphsuits, said, “all our suits are very reasonably priced, but with this one we just wanted to have fun, do something crazy, eye-catching and really good looking.” ‘Morph-a-million’ uses a grey spandex costume as a base, which is then covered with gems.

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Mr Lawson further added, “like our other suits you can breathe through, drink through and see through them, but this one has something extra special.” As well as being breathable and easy to see through, the costume allows the wearer to suit up in his/her dazzling best and be the highlight of Halloween. “This costume is the Mercedes Benz of Morphsuits. Someone is going to stand out from the crowd big time this Halloween if it sells…!”

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Well, lets hope that it will when it is available to buy along Morphsuits’ regular Halloween outfits, which are being used in ‘Fright Mob’ activity to prank unsuspecting members of the public during the month of October. What isn’t a prank though is that the diamond-on-toes masterpiece does indeed cost a cool million.

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