Using rare Vicuna wool Falke creates the world’s most expensive socks

There has been much hoopla about what to gift your loved ones this Christmas. And here is yet another great contender! If you want a present that is nothing but the very best, placing a pair of Falke Vicuna socks under the Christmas tree is your very best, luxurious bet. First clothing brand to manufacture socks out of the wool of these rare animals living in the Andes, the German marque also produces pullovers woven with ultimate animal luxe.

You want to be wiggling your toes this winter in rare, Alpine opulence. It is a known fact that Vicuna wool is the rarest and most expensive wool in the world, being softer, lighter, and warmer than any other wool. But just as rare is finding it to warm your feet in. “The fine wool and thermal properties of Vicuna communicate the uniqueness of the yarn,” claims the company.

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This uniqueness can be witnessed in the newly launched socks, available in 10 pairs, each pair priced at $1,150. The Schmallenberg based luxury brand also offers 10 V-neck and 10 roll-neck Vicuna pullovers worldwide, in a limited edition, each priced at $3,200 approx.


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