Mouth-watering chocolate fashion creations designed for Abu Dhabi Bride Show

The Abu Dhabi Bride Show just gets better and tastier. International manufacturer and retailer of chocolate products and confectionery, ChoCo’a enticed guests with their edible fashion show featuring the company’s spring/summer collection. The edible range includes a wedding cake hat – a three-layered red and white cake on top of your head. The handbag model is an electric blue Hermes birkin bag with a scarf wrapped around it – something that may be edible, but really hard to swallow I bet!

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Adding a splash of colour was the macarons dress – a black dress with a bag of macarons splashed across. Trendy in design, the chocolate scale dress is another unique design. Adding a bit of tradition, there was also a henna design with creative strokes done on the model’s arms with chocolate. Apparently they can do it all over you – that would be one very edible bride for the man!
Lastly, but not the least for sure, was the Duchesse look – a white gown with a tray of delicacies like truffles, macaron chocolates, flowers assembled across the dress. This one would keep a hungry bride entertained.
The creations were designed exclusively for the show only and not for sale.
Thanks Noha

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