No pranks here: Gucci is selling sneakers for $12 (but you cant wear them)

Gucci is no stranger to using AR as Gucci’s smartphone app allows consumers to try on its watches and also teamed up with Snapchat for an AR filter that allows users to try and buy sneakers virtually. All these products were tangible and ultimately became a part of your wardrobe. Gucci seems determined to tread the uber-trendy NFT space and is now offering virtual sneakers that could well be the Italian company’s most egalitarian pair to date, for a measly $11.99 but you can’t actually wear them. The Italian luxury house has partnered with the virtual sneaker app Wanna release its first augmented reality sneakers, which come as a package of 25 pairs available for as low as $9 (on the Wanna app). Users can virtually try on all 25 AR sneakers and are targeted at tech-savvy Gen Z consumers who may not yet be able to afford Gucci’s physical products but can make it a mission to own them sooner than later on trying. Gucci and Wanna have promised an unlimited quantity of shoes that are interchangeable between consumers.

WANNA CEO Sergey Arkhangelskiy predicts that NFT and AR technology will only continue to grow shortly. “In five or maybe 10 years, a relatively big chunk of fashion brands revenue will come from digital products,” Arkhangelskiy said in a statement. “Our goal as a company is to actually supersede the product photos … and substitute it for something which is way more engaging and closer to offline shopping.

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