Not money or an iPhone – This Japanese luxury handbag is made to carry a single watermelon in it

Fruit Shopping just got fancier, thanks to Japanese Marquee Tsuchiya Kaban which recently unveiled a luxury leather handbag crafted to hold a single watermelon. Yes, that’s right! Created by designer Yusuke Kadoi, the ‘Watermelon Bag’ as it is called is luxe and presumably pricey but mostly fails to serve many purposes.

The exclusive bag is created as part of a project by Tsuchiya Kaban titled ‘The Fun of Carrying’ that encourages designers to ideate and craft playful and inventive objects. It features premium quality weather stitched to perfection along with a matching leather handle. It is basic, to say the least, and is devoid of any fancy embellishments or accentuations.

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Handcrafted with utmost precision; the bag can bear the weight of a whole watermelon (specific to a size limit). The idea to create it basically struck Kadoi since he is a big fan of the tropical fruit himself. In case you too have an inexplicable love for melons and would like to dedicate a whole bag to it, consider getting your hands on this rare and rather weird wonder! Although, do note that there is no word on the pricing and availability of the Watermelon bag yet.

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[Via: Geekologie]

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