One more reason to miss travelling – The Rimowa x Moncler ‘Reflection’ suitcase

Looks like the trend of mirrored trunks and suitcases is far from over and we are so glad. Agreed there are no travel plans in sight but getting home a smashing suitcase only strengthens the promise of a better tomorrow complete with flight tickets, room service, and the satisfying task of unpacking. Rimowa x Moncler is teaming up for a limited-edition mirrored aluminum suitcase dubbed “reflection” thanks to its glistening exterior. The suitcase is an attention-grabber with ultra-polished, mirror-like aluminum that’s sure to make a statement in airport and hotel lobbies. It is accompanied with a set of silver packing cubes made out of Moncler’s signature padded fabric that features a matching mirror finish. It also features padded Moncler fabric lining, a dark grey luggage tag, and a luggage belt with a Fidlock buckle.

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The reflection suitcases will captivate passersby with an LED screen on the front of the luggage that can broadcast personalized messages using a custom Moncler X Rimowa “Reflection” App. Moncler X Rimowa “Reflection” will be available worldwide starting September 16, 2020 in Moncler and Rimowa stores worldwide. The special LED numbered edition is exclusive to Europe and will be available in December in Moncler stores and at

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[Via: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia]

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