Only Hermes can come out with playing cards for $105

Parisian fashion brand and manufacturer of all things luxury, Hermès, have had an ace up their sleeves (literally!) for a long time now. Decks of designer playing cards reveal a lighter side to the opulent brand. The brand’s online site shows 3 different kinds of decks, each with different prints. All the cards reveal quirky design backs and the silver gild. The glossy colorful cards come in taupe, green and orange and have horses, ornate designs and simple illusions on the backs. The face of the cards too, are said to be eccentric with crocodiles instead of kings and birds instead of queens, depending on which of the cards you purchase.

Hermes playing cards 2
The ‘Les 4 Mondes’ and the ‘Accostage’ are packs of single decks, while the ‘Parade’ is a pack of two decks for poker and bridge. The Hermès decks are definitely collectors’ items that can be used for a fun game while summer vacationing on a yacht, or at a fancy dinner party, just like in the Georgian Society of a Jane Austen novel. You can purchase the decks from the Hermès online store; price ranges between $100 to $170.
Hermes playing cards 3

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