Bottega Veneta creates a unique Venetian haven for VICs, the Palazzo Bottega Veneta, serving culture, art, luxury, and top-notch services on a platter

Louis Vuitton embodies wanderlust and an unquenchable thirst for travel, Hermès treasures heritage, Chanel exudes femininity, and Bottega Veneta celebrates craftsmanship and community spirit. In line with these principles, and catering to the whims of VICs (Very Important Clients), Bottega Veneta has unveiled a new haven for its Venetian VICs. This hyper-exclusive residence blends the essence of a VIP salon, an artists’ collective, and a heritage museum, exclusively for the Maison’s loyal patrons.

The appointment-only “cultural residence” in Venice is the Kering-owned luxury label’s answer to the Gucci Salons, Balenciaga’s couture stores, Chanel’s private boutiques, and so on. What sets this creative and cultural haven apart from the commerciality of its counterparts is its intimacy with the Bottega Veneta universe. Located in Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel, a 15th-century Gothic palace in La Serenissima’s secluded Cannaregio district, it features interiors, artwork, and furnishings curated by creative director Matthieu Blazy.

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“Bottega Veneta, unlike many other brands, is not linked to a single founder. It was born of the passion of a collective of people,” Leo Rongone, the label’s CEO, told the Financial Times. “This spirit of community is extremely important to us and goes beyond the brand. There’s a sense of encounter and exchange. What we wanted to do is give a physical space to the spirit.” Bottega Veneta is opening new doors for third-party artisans and granting them the gift of visibility in front of the ultra-high-net-worth client. “We will welcome emerging gallerists and artists,” stated Rongone. “People who are not normally exposed to the ultra-high-net-worth client will meet that client.”

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Palazzo Bottega Veneta will offer its esteemed clients unmatched services and made-to-order consultations, as well as exclusive access to ready-to-wear garments, handbags, shoes, and accessories. This is the first of several such VIP client-only sites that will crop up across Asia and the Americas.

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