Prestige: Diamond studded eyeglass frame for $55,000

Now-a-days even eyewear can depict your luxurious lifestyles. Spoiling you for choice with their luxurious collection of eyewear is Paris-based designer Gold &Wood who is well known for creating high-end sunglasses and eyeglasses. The designer collection boasts of pieces studded with genuine diamonds and/or gemstones and finest materials such as platinum, 18k gold, horn, carbon fiber, titanium, and exotic woods. The Prestige’s newest design is the crown jewel of the collection. It is also the most expensive pair, with hand-shaped horn temple stems, solid platinum accents, and high-quality diamond-studded temple hinges and bridge. Made up of 253 brilliant-cut diamonds and 11 princesses cut ones, these exquisite platinum and horn rimless frames are made with the greatest care and skill by the master jeweler. The price reflects the exquisiteness and luxuriousness of the Prestige frames, which is $55,000.

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For those who are unwilling to spend their moolah on one frame can opt for other diamond studded frames from their Temptation and Bling-Bling collections. The designer offers various styles and options for their luxury loving clientele including rimless, partial rim, sporty, oversized, colorful, monochrome, glam, subtle, not so subtle, modern, retro, wood and titanium, wood and carbon fiber and even more frames. Pick your style and let your eye wear speak for you.
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