Straight from Star Trek, the $10 million diamond encrusted Human Regenerator claims to slow down the aging process

The human race rejoiced with the news of the Human Generator but giving it stiff and bling competition is its diamond-encrusted sibling from the same German name. Designed by System4 Technologies GmbH, the device claims to come studded with 6880 carats or less than 1.4 Kilos of small cut diamonds for a 172,000 unique gems strong bedazzling generation. The 128kg bullet-shaped cocoon of brilliance swivels 90 degrees, so your body is horizontal to the ground before it spreads its sparkling charm. It will be on display at an exhibition in the upcoming World Luxury Expo on September 27 at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

For the uninitiated, the Human Generator is a device that deceptively slows down the aging process, in this case, using “Quantum-Cell-Code.” To elaborate, an intensive treatment through a Quantum-Pulse-Device imitated the body’s natural frequencies to generate longitudinal waves, and treated silicon and aluminum deposits work to create the artful effect. Only 50 of its pieces are produced per year by the luxury high-tech company and strictly upon order. And while the contraption comes for $557,000, the price for the dazzling diamond device starts at an incredible $9.8 million. Some glitzy regeneration, I must say!

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[Via – Arabian-Business]

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