Selfridges is selling $100,000 personalized solid gold clutches

Getting into the spirit of Christmas, London based retail chain Selfridges is unveiling a collection of gold handbags created by a slew of well-known designers. The collection includes bags by big name designers like Proenza Schouler and Simone Rocha alongside Mawi and Sophie Hulme. The jewel in the crown though is Anya Hindmarch’s solid 18 carat gold crisp packet clutch that will sell was a staggering £60,000 (that’s a little under $100,000).
Wait, are we being Punk’d?

selfridges-gold-bags-collection-2Solid gold crisp packet clutch? This has to be either a really elaborate prank or we’ve suddenly found ourselves in a parallel universe where real life is more ludicrous than an episode of Real Housewives.

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selfridges-gold-bags-collection-3Touted as “wearable art,” the made-to-order bag is a solid gold version of Hindmarch’s standard crisp packet clutch (which has been carried by Emma Watson, Solange Knowles and Diane Kruger) and is available in rose, white or yellow gold complete with a gold plated chain. It can be customized with a name, or a message.

selfridges-gold-bags-collection-4Honestly, if we had $95,500 lying around the house, we’d probably use it to buy a Mercedes. Or pay for college. We would NOT be using it to buy a clutch that is literally worth its weight in gold. How can anyone leave the house with this thing? We’d probably end up spending more on bodyguards and personal security than on the actual bag!
If bling is your thing, you can head to the Selfridge’s website to shop the collection.

[Via – Independent]

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