Swarovski’s Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel pieces to sell for $10600

If I had $10,600 to spend I would spend it all but not a cent on the Swarovski creation starring Hello Kitty (shudders) and Dear Daniel. The collection includes Hello Kitty in all its glittering glory as a paperweight and a decoration object. It is seen holding a balloon and red apple in two different paperweight styles. Being frank, I dislike them both and for the kind of money, they demand, even more. Of course, I am a rare minority as Hello Kitty fans will be losing their minds over this latest blingy catastrophe as I would like to call it. The idea is to show Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel set to ride off into the sunset in this charming and highly exclusive design; I like to believe they are mounted on the vehicle to go away from me so that’s reassuring. Only 150 lucky and super-rich people in the world will get their hands on these unless someone picks 2-3 then the numbers become stringent. It is embellished with over 25’000 crystals in 11 different colors, set by hand using Swarovski’s exclusive Pointiage® technique over 161 hours. Marking the exclusivity of this piece is the black granite base engraved with a unique edition number with a round metal tag.

The buyers of this premium Hello Kitty piece will receive the exclusive souvenir in a premium blue suitcase with a certificate of authenticity. A unique collector’s item for fans worldwide. Did I mention it retails for $10,600? Ugh! Swarovski’s Hello Kitty collection ranges from $149 to $10,600 USD and can be purchased on swarovski.com.

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