The Dior-tastic Spring/ Summer ’14 style guide for men and women

We’ve given you lists galore. You could almost say it’s our thing. Or maybe that’s just me. But since it is me, I thought what could be the list kingpin when it comes to spring fashion, what with the latter more than looming on our fashionable heads. So, in order for them to stay fashionable, heads and more that is, I thought I’d give you the ultimate but petite style guide for this season. And once again, I turned to Dior (last time it was for red carpet fashion, remember?) so that you could have a Dior-tastic season! And yes, I even mean you, discerning men! That said lets start with Dior Homme.

Let the sunny games commence! For directly from the catwalk, come the Black Tie 193S or leather laced sunnies as I like to call them. In equal parts dark and dapper, they’re a pièce de summer résistance with the frame entirely hand covered in the leather, even as the black rubber on the bridge lends them a modern countenance. Minimal chic as their overall appearance, they come priced at $450 (approx.)

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Tuxedo shorts
Currently rooting for the contemporary man, Dior Homme does minimal chic yet again, albeit with a Les Essentiels twist. Yielding the power to turn every man’s sophisticated world around are the tuxedo shorts. From here on, it is pleat-front over flimsy. They come in Prussian blue wool and mohair broadcloth for $726 with wide satin bands for an added dose of luxury.

Summer Tuxedo
Taking luxury further for men is this next creation. For those who like to fuse modernity with timeless elegance, Les Essentiels re-establishes this year-round staple in a summery rendition. Think Mad Men, only modern! The one-button, athletic, every man’s iconic friend comes in wool broadcloth with a technical touch to make sure your it spells ‘Draper’ not ‘Darth Vader,’ with the jacket priced at $2,180 and $872 for the trouser.

Bar jacket-trouser duo
And since we’re on tux-talk, why should men have all the sophistication? Enter bar jacket-trouser duo or in other words, every woman’s boardroom savior (and between you and me, savior in several other places, the possibilities are endless and stylish!) So bar the boring as the two do dark glamor together, in black wool and silk. While the jacket is $6,455 the pants are $1,517.

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‘Diorganic’ necklace
Incorporating a ‘leafy waterfall’ pattern, these necklaces may just be the greatest finds of the season. Especially the one seen here, with electric blue resin pearls! Fresh off the spring-summer 2014 catwalk, the piece is as electrifying as it is versatile. A nod to ‘organic’ like its other colorful siblings, its floral enchantment comes at a price only available on request.

Miss Lawrence
You heard that right. And if you don’t believe me, you can check with Miss Jennifer Lawrence. While the latest avatar of the Lady Dior may be plenty stunning (we have our V-day gift ideas for proof), the fact that the Oscar-winning-actress-cum-stunning-sylista has taken on campaigning for the Miss Dior bag as her next big role makes it a must have, both for her fans and fashion fiends. And that brings to a blushing close our Spring/ Summer style guide, what with the lambskin blush satchel priced at $3,550 (approx.)

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