The perfect umbrella for a Rolls Royce enthusiast is here and it costs more than an iPhone

While you hustle for the day you bring your much loved Rolls Royce home, why not get a little present for yourself or a loved one that offers the same level of expertise, craftsmanship, and luxury- only its an umbrella! Please don’t wait for the royalty of a Rolls Royce car to come into your life and take you for the ride of your life; instead, take charge, hold this regal Rolls Royce umbrella over your head and strut it in style around town instead. The iconic Rolls-Royce umbrella has been reimagined with striking colors. This stunner of an umbrella comes with a polished color-tone handle and is detailed with the desirable Rolls-Royce monogram. Till you make Kardashian-level money and can gift your partners Rolls Royces with candy pink interiors, trust us, this umbrella will make for the ultimate everyday accessory and put a smile even on Grinch! It’s great to use as a perfect lifestyle accessory to keep at home or stowed in your gorgeous Rolls Royce Ghost!

The people who make some of the world’s most luxurious and expensive cars have made us an uber-luxe umbrella offered in hues like Mandarin, Mugello Red, Tailored Purple, Black, Navy Blue, and Dark Spice with a color-coded canopy and handles with tone on tone piping. The umbrellas are compatible with Cullinan, Dawn, Ghost, Phantom, Wraith and sell for $599.99.

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[Available at: Miller Motorcars]

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