The $10,000 Skull Cufflinks from Ralph Lauren adds glamour to your wacky gifts

If you want to surprise your friend with a scary gift this holiday season, and want to do it in élan, try a set of Skull Cufflinks by Ralph Lauren. The shimmering skull design comes with a top hat motif, and has been finished in while gold and has diamonds for eyes. Each pair is priced at $10,000 and it also features a velvet throw pillow worth $195.

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The other items in the collection include a cashmere dog sweater for $115, a men’s Cooper Bag for $3,995; a women’s Tiffin Bag in black alligator skin for $16,995; retro style sunglasses in red tartan for $375; and luxe timepieces priced between $17,500 and $32,000.