Damien Hirst’s custom-made silver pill cufflinks for Father’s Day

I am daddy’s little girl through and through. So when it comes to Father’s Day, it is my top priority to gift him something tasteful, grand and useful. And if you need something like that to gift your daddy dearest, consider the Damien Hirst’s custom-made pill cufflinks inspired by his Pharmacy installation. The cuffs sport tablets and capsules cast in Sterling silver with Hirst logo on the pair. Encased inside a glossy black wooden box the £250 ($405) gift set comes with a Hirst logo stamped on the inside.

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As for the installation, Pharmacy is best described as a room that resembles “a real pharmacy with tall cabinets of prescription packages and medication bottles.” One end of the room sport a counter with four apothecary bottles, “which represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.”

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