This $5900 made-to-order horological sculpture preserves hundreds of beautiful vintage watch parts in it

At this year’s Watch Time New York exhibition, there was something other than beautifully crafted luxury watches that captured everyone’s imagination. The idea of alluring shapes of mechanical parts from the innards of a watch floating in three-dimensional space is simply fascinating and these high-impact horological sculptures are an absolute feast for the eyes of a watch-lover. The genre of horological decorative sculptures is not new but these unique pieces by Berd Vaye are evocative and beautifully capture the mechanical essence of watchmaking. Berd Vaye, which was founded in 2014 by two watch enthusiasts, Eduard Kurayev and Albert Akbashe, makes these sculptures in a variety of shapes and sizes and use both watch and clock parts.

The Berd Vaye’s creations incorporate vintage watch parts that are meticulously collected from around the world into cast resin structure. The manufacturing process involves pouring an initial layer of Lucite, and then watch and clock parts are embedded in it, after which another layer is poured on top. The process of creating these sculptures takes roughly 3-4 week and what’s interesting is that they can be made in any shape and with components from a said manufacturer on the demand of their customers. The starting price of the horological masterpieces is set at $2,900 for the small Sphere and going up to $5,900 for the larger Time Squared sculpture. So if you have been fretting over what to buy as a gift for your watch-loving partner, think no more.

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