These flamboyant Prada runway red velvet and leather Mohawk pumps are the flamingos of high-fashion footwear

One thing is for sure- the devil certainly wears Prada! Take one look at the OTT Prada Mohawk pumps, and you will agree too. The larger-than-life, crazier-than-usual creation was part of the Prada Runway Fall collection from 2009. Covered in smooth red velvet, with an assortment of crystals aligned all over the round toe ankle strap Mohawk pumps, these will be the object of desire for any antagonist, devil included, in an all-black avatar. The black studded faceted crystal, fringe leather constitutes the Mohawk part of the pumps. On second thoughts, these super statement-making pumps from Prada strongly resemble the Northern Cardinal bird. It’s one of the most expensive birds in the world with Mohawk-like hair and soft red feathers. As a matter of fact, they are a tad bit costlier than the flamboyant pumps. While the bird sells for around $850, the pumps can be purchased at 1st dibs for $800.

The Prada Runway Red Velvet Black Studded Crystal Leather Mohawk Pumps will fit a size US. 7 and flaunt a heel measuring 4.25″. Though more than a decade old, the shoes are in excellent condition with only one small black sequin missing in the right heel.

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[Available at: 1stDibs]

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