This Dutch company has created vegan trainers from ‘wine leather’

Here is something for the vegans! A trainer company in Amsterdam has announced its new vegan-friendly trainers made from ‘wine leather‘, to be launched later this year. If the world was run by vegans they would surely want everything they consume and use to be vegan too and that includes shoes. Mercer Amsterdam is collaborating with Vegea, a company that specializes in turning the leftover waste of wine production into leather to release a pair of new trainers named W3RD Wine Pack. part of Mercer Amsterdam’s Spring / Summer 2021 collection, the trainers are a mix of several natural materials like wine leather, mesh made from leftover PET bottles and the sole is made from algae. For those who don’t know much about this vegan variety of leather, wine leather is 100% vegan, it is soft, smooth, stable, 100% sustainable and can be recycled. It may not be exactly like genuine leather but it almost feels like leather and can also be processed adequately.

The W3RD Wine Pack trainers come in four colorways and is the first and only product in wine leather for now till further expansions are made to the product line. The vegan trainers will sell for $294.

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