This priceless painting travelled from Amsterdam to Japan in a custom Louis Vuitton trunk

Millionaires have their supercars and billionaires have their mega-yachts, but what’s a worthy chariot for a priceless painting? Why a Louis Vuitton trunk of course! Johannes Vermeer’s The Milkmaid is the painting in question, and its journey will take it from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, all the way to the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo. But it will be a comfy ride for the 17th century oil-on-canvas painting depicting a housemaid – since it will be securely housed in a custom, handmade LV trunk.

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“Louis Vuitton has always supported the greatest pioneers and artists during their travels, and it’s an honor to design the custom made suitcase that will transport and protect one of the most famous international masterpieces of all time,” said Michael Burke, chairman and CEO from Louis Vuitton, in the press release.

Taco Dibbits, director of the Rijksmuseum added, “We commissioned Louis Vuitton to make a unique case for transporting the Vermeer. ‘The milkmaid’ is one of the most special women in our collection and in this way travels safely and in style from Amsterdam to the exhibition in Japan.”

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The custom trunk features LV’s signature monogram, this time livened up by contrasting yellow and blue stripes. The painting itself will be part of a special exhibit called “Making the Difference: Vermeer and Dutch Art,” which is open at the Ueno Royal Museum until February 3, 2019.


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