Trendy or Trashy? Louis Vuitton debut’s FIFA world cup inspired collection

Louis Vuitton has been creating the travel cases that house the FIFA World Cup trophies for the past few years, this year however the brand chose to be inspired by the world famous soccer event to create a line of products that celebrates the sport. The collection includes a number of bags as well as several small leather goods all featuring the signature repetitive hexagon pattern seen on soccer balls.

You’ll find favorite bags like the Keepall and Apollo crafted in Epi leather as well as wallets, luggage tags, etc. in different colorways. There’s considerable attention to detail in this collection, from textured leather panels to an LV logo that looks a lot sportier than their usual monogram. The collection spotlights one “Made-to-Order” Keepall which features colors that could correspond to many different national flags, in keeping with the spirit of the collection.

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Is this a hit or a miss for you? The brand is definitely courting a niche audience here (although many will buy items only because they are limited edition Louis Vuitton). In honesty, there’s nothing very high fashion about this collection and the bags aren’t very versatile either. But we do know, that the limited edition factor, plus the fact that this is licensed merchandise will probably make the items covetable as collectibles. If you do decide to buy an item from this collection, choose the Apollo bag or the Made to order Keepall, as these will probably rise more in value compared to the small leather goods. The collection is available for purchase between June 15 and July 15 in select LV stores and online.

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