What could possibly be inside Hermès’ $1,875 Surprise Box?

Hermès has raised the stakes in their Petit H Mystery Box games by offering a top secret product priced at a whopping $1,875. We had previously reported that Petit H surprise boxes were priced between $240 and $580, but now the brand has upped the ante with their new high priced offering. Petit H surprises usually contain small knick-knacks, more decorative than functional (Petit H is totally dedicated to creating beautiful items out of scraps and materials leftover from the production of other Hermes Goods) and the priciest surprise is listed as best suited for women.

Hermès fans on the Purseblog forum have received leather luggage tags, animal-shaped leather bag charms, silk totes, and scarves in exclusive shapes in their gift boxes, though there’s no word on what ultra-luxe wonders await those who are prepared to shell out nearly 2000 dollars for an Hermès gift.

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Purseblog’s Anna Mull muses, “Petit Surprise is a testament to both Hermès’ unique place within the luxury market and luxury customers’ near-slavish devotion to their favorite purveyor of leather goods,” and we have to agree. Few brands can make even their most loyal customers part with $2000 for an unknown product. Fortunately, Hermès does provide refunds, so if you hate your mystery gift, you can at least get your money back

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