When Money is Just a Number: The Best Mattresses for a Good Night’s Sleep

What sets a good mattress apart from a great one is how well you sleep on it. When an average person spends about 26 years of their sleeping, investing in a good mattress seems like the logical thing to do. Below is a look at four of the most luxurious mattresses around. You’ll sleep like a baby on these ones.

1. Grand Vividus by Hästens
If you happen to have $390,000 floating around, you might consider investing in a Grand Vividus by the Swedish mattress company Hästens, who have been around since 1852. The Canadian rapper Drake certainly thought a good sleep was worth the investment. If you watch the five-minute music video for his tune “Toosie Slide”, you’ll see this luxurious bed in all its glory in the musician’s Toronto mansion. The craftspeople spend 600 laborious hours to assemble and hand-stitch each mattress, which is made from horsehair, wool, cotton, flax and springs, and the trunk.

The bed itself is a collaboration with the designer Ferris Rafauli and is completely handmade. The design draws inspiration from Hästens history and heritage as bed- and saddle makers. You’ll see flashes of this in the form of a golden brass name plate, studs and buckles, which may remind you of the company’s lineage as a saddle-maker to the Swedish Royal Court and of the brass on horse saddles.

This bed has a long waiting list. Maybe it’s because of the sophisticated shagreen hide on the handles. Maybe it’s because of the studs. Perhaps it’s because of the bed’s unique fabric. The bed screams luxury and a lot of people out there are happy to pay the price tag.

Speaking of price tags, the UK bed and mattress retailer Bedstar Ltd highlights the importance of ignoring recommended retail prices (RRP) when you’re choosing a bed. They suggest focusing on your needs and researching mattresses before you enter a store, so that a retailer’s trick of displaying the RRP won’t sidetrack you. You can then concentrate on the product and whether the asking price matches the value you feel the mattress offers.

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2. Savoir Bed No. 1
Take a century of bed-making. Check. Take some marvelous materials. Check. Take 120 hours of handcrafting. Check. The result of all this hard work is the Savoir No 1, which makes you feel as if you’re floating.

The mattress is made from seven-and-a-half turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse-tail hair, and wool. The springs are hand-tied, the mattress is hand stitched and the horse tail is hand-teased. The mattress sits on top of a beechwood frame and the box spring, made from beech, horse tail and hourglass springs.

The star of the show, however, is the mattress topper, which features lavish layers of horse tail, sheep’s wool, and pure cashmere encased in delicate stretch cotton. The topper’s filling enjoys full, even distribution, thanks to some deft hand tufting and knotting by Savoir.

Savoir make their No 1 beds bespoke. In fact, they make less than 1,000 beds per year. For them, it’s all about quality, rather than mass production.

3. Vispring’s Masterpiece Superb
Vispring handcraft their beds in Britain and spoil you with the Masterpiece Superb, which is part of the company’s Luxe collection, Vispring’s especially luxurious range. The mattress features a three-layer pocket-spring construction with Austrian Mooseburger horsetail, blended Shetland wool, cashmere, silk, and alpaca fiber as mattress fillings. You can choose soft, medium, firm, or extra firm spring tension.

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That mattress sits on top of the Statesman divan, which has a solid timber frame and two layers of pocket springs. You have the choice of a low or high frame to suit your profile. The upholstery is gorgeous, a combination of long-strand horsehair, fleece wool and cotton. The bed also comes with a 30-year guarantee, but don’t let this sway you too much. You should replace your mattress every 6 to 10 years.

4. Kluft Beyond Luxury mattress collection
The Kluft Beyond Luxury collection is pretty much what it says on the tin. The company packs Joma® wool, cashmere (more than 5 lbs worth), cotton and latex into a mattress that has a depth of 15 inches for unbelievable comfort. Kluft acquires its materials from around the world, including countries such as New Zealand and Germany, and continents including Asia, Europe and South America, to provide the customer an excellent-quality mattress.

When making their mattresses, Kluft use modern techniques and more traditional ones, the latter including traditional hand side stitching and individual inserted hand tufts. To ensure the comfort, they’ve even created their own standard: the Kluft Standard™. This is a special natural air chamber between the mattress springs and the top of the mattress. When this chamber meets the layers of materials in the mattress, the mattress synchronizes with your body so you can enjoy a wonderful, refined sleep.

The manufacturers put a lot of care and attention into the mattresses above, using quality materials and applying traditional handcrafting so that the customer achieves the ultimate sleep. A good sleep is worth paying good money for. You’ll certainly enjoy that with these mattresses.

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