Hästens beddings sing you a Spotify lullaby

Sweedish bedding manufacturer Hästens has just revolutionized the way we fall asleep. The company that focuses in all things ‘comfortable sleep’ has now extended its offerings to its drowsy customers with an audial delight. The company has curated a playlist on the streaming service, Spotify, to help users sleep better. Called ‘Sleep Sound’, the luxurious slumber service now offers users the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate themselves to a good night’s sleep. The soundtracks are a collage of songs handed over to Hästens by a number of luxury brands. These include fashion houses, automakers and even hotels.

There are a total of three playlists on offer from Hästens. Users are advised to listen to any one of the three for at least half an hour before they call it a day. The company has also offered its users a link, via social media, to follow the Spotify channel and be assured of a great night’s sleep.

The first channel is entitled ‘Bedtime Pop’ and features three hours of music from the likes of David Bowie. Next is the ‘Ambient Soul’ playlist that offers 30 tracks that play for a little under two and half hours. The third channel is called ‘Pianos and Pajamas’ with a 108-minute treat to some dreamy classical music.

[ Via : Luxurydaily ]

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