World’s most expensive sunglasses cost $383,609

Well, who else but Dolce and Gabbana could come up with something as exotic as the most expensive sunglasses? So D&G comes out with this cool design for their sunglasses. The glasses have a sexy gold rim and the shades are a soothing brown in color. If you are a sucker for Dolce and Gabbana products then this one isn’t something you can miss out on. The brand counts on you, as a patron to pick this one up and place it on your nose. It sometimes doesn’t need words to describe the feeling of carrying a D&G bag on your shoulder and your body draped in an attire of the brand with the costliest sunglasses on your face.

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The Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses cost $383,609. To avoid asking the store guy for the ‘costliest sunglasses in the world’ simply mention the product number: DG2027B.

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