Your chance to be Tony Stark – The worlds first Graphene jacket is here

What might appear like a pretty ordinary black windbreaker is quite possibly the most hi-tech jacket ever produced which might revolutionize the apparel industry. It’s the world’s first jacket to be made of graphene. This $695 jacket is the creation of Vollebak, the same company that came up with the solar charged jacket last year that glows like kryptonite in dark. In case you are wondering what’s so special about it, graphene is nothing short of a super-material – it’s the lightest, strongest, most conductive material ever discovered. It has other magical properties such as absorbing heat and then storing it, conducting electricity, repelling bacteria, and dissipating body’s excess humidity. However, the material is notoriously difficult to make at production level.

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Vollebak put in two years of research and development to come up with the graphene jacket. It is reversible with one side made out of a blend of graphene mixed with polyurethane and nylon, while the other side is made from matte black high-stretch, high-strength nylon. Graphene side of the jacket can absorb and store heat along with uniformly spreading and redistributing it around the wearer’s body. The material also disperses any extra humidity along with being bacteriostatic hypoallergenic, anti-static, and certified as nontoxic. The jacket has no seams, as the fabric is laser-cut and thermally sealed. Vollebak’s graphene jacket is currently available to early adopters in order to trial and test its real world benefits.

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