This is the worlds first powerboat made from 3D printed fiberglass

The world is evolving technologically. And the proof of that, for one, is the latest 3-D printed powerboat called MAMBO. The ingenious vehicle is manufactured by tech start-up Moi Composites and is the first of its kind in the whole world.

Short for Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat, MAMBO is built using the company’s innovative continuous fiber manufacturing technology. The technique deposits continuous fibers into a thermosetting resin to yield a material that has the sturdiness of traditional fiberglass but is much easier to shape. It is efficient in terms of time and money utilized and is, therefore, much-touted for.

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Moi Composites’ MAMBO bears a tricycle shape and has a hull covered with flowing lines from front to back. Standing at 21.5 feet in length and just over eight feet in width, it features cork flooring, white leather seating, a high-tech navigation system, and a 115cv engine.
Commenting on it, Gabriele Matale, CEO & co-founder of Moi Composites said, “…finally mambo arrived today at the sea. we have 3D-printed a boat, enhancing the concept of customization with a one-of-a-kind design created and tailored from the owner’s mind, to give everyone the opportunity to understand and experience the sea in their own way. all this would not have happened without the support of our partners, who believed with us in this ambitious project.”

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The hi-tech fiberglass powerboat will be displayed for the first time at Genoa Boat Show from October 1 – 6, 2020.

[Via: Designboom]

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