Could this be the most exclusive debit card in the world? Its made of pure gold and costs a whopping $20,000

Earlier it was cars, jewels and watches but now credit cards seem to have taken over as the new status symbol. Leaving all counterparts panting behind, the topic of the day is the ‘Raris Card’. Raris is the name of a new debit card from the UK’s Royal Mint that’s crafted from 18-karat gold. The Royal Mint has collaborated with MasterCard and UK-based payments provider Accomplish Financial to create a card that is targeted at people who value high-quality luxury items that make a statement. The card is meant for kings/queens that wear no crown and hence costs exactly $23,440. The benefits are no spending limit (of course), to make large purchases with ease, zero foreign exchange or transaction fees and leverages source-traceable metals along with additional benefits such as dedicated concierge service and other travel benefits through MasterCard’s World Elite Package.

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You can flaunt your card and also personalize it for even more impact; the card can be purchased and personalized with the Raris account holder’s name and signature, which will appear directly on the surface of the ultra-premium gold card, along with a payment chip. Did I mention it is for more than $20,000? I guess saying it over and over won’t make it any cheaper.

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