Inax debuts 24 carat white gold bathtub in Tokyo

Inax believes in offering its customers the royal treatment. So, after giving luxury lovers an opportunity to splurge on a royal flush in the form of the gold plated Regio Toilet, Inax has now created another bespoke bathroom fitting. This time, Inax is offering luxury lovers the chance to embellish their bathroom with an exquisite white gold bath tub! The beautiful bathtub is fitted with 24carat white gold tiles and is sure to turn your bathroom into the most luxurious space. The glittering tub made its debut in Ginza, Tokyo and is sure to attract the rich and wealthy bling-loving populace from across the world. Priced at $94,000 this bath tub with white gold tiles is definitely one of the priciest tubs in the world.

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The tub is expected to be available for order from October but deliveries are slated for January next year. Other information regarding the features of this bespoke bath tub is not yet available.