Stay young with the anti-ageing 24-carat facial

So what if you are getting wrinkly on the face? For those of you who have deep pockets, UMO, a beauty company, has promised that precious metals can make you look younger. Interested? Ladies and gentlemen (especially those of you who are age conscious!) presenting to you the latest craze in the world of cosmetics and beautification –the gold leaf facial. The Luxe 24 Karat Gold Facial uses the highest grade of gold leaf in an 80-minute procedure. Flakes of gold leaf are laid on the face, before being massaged in. UMO claims that the procedure results in firmer, brighter, and suppler skin. UMO’s reason for using this metal follows a strong historical tradition. It is said that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night, and Chinese empresses supposedly used gold rollers to massage their faces. However, in today’s world, the gold is not commonly used for modern-day treatments because it is very difficult to make it penetrate the skin.

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UMO claims that it has developed technology that allows staff at the Charleston Place spa in South Carolina (where the 24-carat facial is offered) to overcome this problem. Not available in Britain yet this facial is proving a hit across the Atlantic at the cost of £180 ($360). Anyone thinking “What a waste of gold” yet?

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