24 karat gold Vallure Vodka debuts in the U.S.

Americans can raise a toast like King Midas as 24 karat gold Vallure Vodka debuts in the U.S. Touted to be the world’s most luxurious vodka cased in pure gold bottle, the German premium vodka can now be found on the shelves of U.S. stores too. Vallure Vodka is produced in a 100-year-old distillery. Boasting of an age-old secret recipe, it undergoes multi-level distillation which is followed by Vallure’s triple gold- filtering process. The brand also prides itself in maintaining the only ‘Gold Standard of Vodka’, ensuring every 750mL of Vallure Vodka is represented by a gold bottle. The opulent bottle is wrapped up in a two-part black shell with a red velvet interior to seal its exclusivity. “We are pleased to introduce Vallure Vodka to U.S. consumers that value the exceptional things in life.” said Q. Ladraa, Co-founder of Vallure Vodka.

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