Samsung SGH-D780 has a golden touch

Sitting in their cozy seats on a sexy Volvo bus as they get carted to the stadium for the Olympics, the members of the Russian team for the summer games have a lot to look forward to. Besides the exciting games and all the five-star facilities that they will enjoy, they will all have the delight of using the sexy Samsung SGH-D780 Gold Plated Edition phones. So what do they have in it to celebrate? A 2-megapixel camera, a 2.1-inch QVGA display screen, USB, Bluetooth, and a microSD card slot for memory expansion. It also has dual SIM technology.

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Isn’t it fantastic for the players as they pull out these cool phones to call their families back home? Well, sportspersons do convey some heartfelt emotions with their families just like soldiers do and we’re talking about the Olympics here.

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