The biggest and most expensive chain is loaded with 26 kg gold and 700 ct diamonds

Could your bling get any bigger and shinier? Ben Baller and The Hundreds clear all possible doubts as they unveil the “biggest and most expensive chain” ever on The Ben Baller Show. The street wear brand The Hundreds gave IF & Co. Founder and celebrity jeweler Ben Baller a check for $500,000 to create the biggest chain. In return Baller pieced together a dookie rope and pendant that displays an impressive array of a whopping 26 kilos of 18K gold (this includes both chain and pendant) and total 700 carats of diamonds. This gigantic piece of accessory is worth an astounding $3,115,000!

Ben Baller is an LA-based jeweler who founded IF & Co. in 2004 and makes the highest of high-end jewelry for the Hip Hop community and young Hollywood. His clients include the who’s who of heavy weights from all sides of the entertainment industry like Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Dr. Phil, Kanye West, Drake, Kim Kardashian, Odd Future, Frank Ocean and the list goes on.

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[Via – Thehundreds and Complex and Hypebeast]