Intro-Tech Automotive debuts auto-themed furniture line

The auto world has been the inspiration behind many brilliant creations. From exquisite timepieces that derive their design aesthetics from speeding cars to furniture pieces, almost no creation is left untouched by the world of speeding cars. Joining the league of brands to offer automobile-inspired furniture is none other than Intro-Tech Automotive who has introduced a very sleek line of furniture that will surely have the attention of our speedsters. Christened the PitStop furniture line, it creates the perfect balance between ergonomics and sleek design. What sets this furniture line apart from the gazillion auto-inspired furniture pieces in the market is the addition of distinct design features like billet aluminum shift knobs to control the chairs’ height and a brake caliper base above the wheels.

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What is more, one can also see springs on the tire-tread armrests and the seat adjuster post. However, my favorite piece in this PitStop line is the desk with strut-braces for bars, gussets for stands, spoilers, and even coil-over shocks and springs! Wonder if working on this desk will actually help speed up the work?
Now that’s what I call one “wow-wow-vroom” furniture line.
[Tech auto motive via Autoguide]

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