New Faucet line with sensors by Jean Nouvel for Jado

Acclaimed designer and 2008 Pritzker winner Jean Nouvel has designed the new sensor faucet line for Jado. With many successful projects behind him, this man has combined for Jado, modern design, and technology resulting in clean lines and gentle curves! Focus – we’re not talking about women here! The sensor faucet line by Jado looks to find its way into modern bathrooms of trend-conscious individuals. Integration touch-sensor technology with high-end design and easy the understand pictograms, this modern bathroom fixture line exudes excellent aesthetic and functional qualities.

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With most of the designs being free of any unnecessary details, it makes this minimalist fixture collection a great addition any modern bathroom. The collection includes a bathroom faucet, a shower column and a sink faucet along with a complete set of accessories in the same style and even a matching sink and mirror. As for the touch sensor side of things, there are four buttons (that look taken from a PlayStation game pad). Pressing the triangles will increase or decrease the temperature of the water while the circle will open the water flow, and the X will close it.
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