A caddy from the future – Drones to deliver equipment and refreshments in golf courses

The Japanese equivalent of Amazon, Rakuten, is experimenting with drones to enhance delivery performance and options, much like its American counterpart. The drone service will enable golfers to gain access to the gear they want, quicker than a caddie can deliver it. In addition to this they can also receive refreshments and other supplies even when at the farthest corner of the course. This also ensures that a steady supply of golf balls is just a few button presses away. The drones will be stationed at a clubhouse that is not far away from the course, so as to make deliveries as quick as possible.

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The service will be available at a golf course located at Japan’s Chiba prefecture. The requests can be made via users’ smartphones. The drone is basically a mini surveyor, developed by the Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory. This is more of a pilot project to gauge how effective the technology is. If it does fly well here, then the similar model can be adopted across golf courses and eventually to people’s home.

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