This spherical floating capsule is actually a hotel in Japan!

Another day, another unconventional hotel room. By now, AirBNB has made strange and quirky accommodations almost commonplace; from catacombs to the Eiffel Tower itself, the site has featured every kind of imaginable room. But it seem people can’t get enough of this trend and it’s catching on in other industries too.

A floating capsule hotel was unveiled to the press in Japan recently in anticipation of its official launch at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture. The capsule is divided into two levels, with the lower floor designed as a cabin to live in while the upper floor functions as an observation dome. Huis Ten Bosch Co., the company behind the theme park will begin trials of their floating capsule hotel this month.

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The capsule accommodates 2-3 people and guests will check in at the park and board their capsule there. But the capsule will be towed by a ship to a nearby island in Omura Bay alongside the city of Saikai for a more unique experience.

Hideo Sawada, president of Huis Ten Bosch, told a news conference, “We can make more improvements. We will upgrade designs and functions from here on out.”

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