The cheapest Apple product is here and its a $19 polishing cloth

Apple fans have a condition called- everything apple, and that’s just what the brand banks on. Rarely will you spot an Apple user without the entire pack of accessories offered? Of course, the company doesn’t leave much choice in that department either; you have to purchase an Apple charger, or your expensive phone will be futile. You have to get the Apple AirPods to enjoy music and basic conversation, and now you got to get your hands on their newest release- a $19 Polishing Cloth. The fact that you don’t have to take out a line of financing for something branded with the Apple logo must seem like a motivator to immediately get your hands (keep them clean) on it.

The polishing cloth is like your typical microfiber cloth, except that this one features a minimalist design with a white color scheme and an etched Apple logo which justifies the $19 price tag for Apple fans who would give a solemn, understanding nod and even add $10. It will be used to clean pretty much any screen coming from the Apple orchard. With the latest range of expensive Apple products hitting the shelves like MacBook Pros, the M1 Pro and Max chips, and third-generation AirPods, a $19 polishing cloth is almost mandatory. HypeBeast states that Apple shared on its website the polishing cloth is crafted “with soft, non-abrasive material.”

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It cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively” and is compatible with iPhones from the first generation SE to the current iPhone 13 line, iPads from the first Mini generation to the sixth, MacBook and iMac models from 2012 to 2020, Apple Watches from the first generation to Series 7, iPods from the fourth generation Shuffle to the seventh generation Touch and Pro Display XR models.

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