Audi’s immersive VR headsets enable customers to configure their dream car

It is always an upsetting experience when you reach the car dealerships and don’t find the right cars or the inventory you wish to buy. More so, when you are looking for a rare options combination and you are made to browse through boring brochures. German automaker Audi plans to tackle this problem by introducing a new service named ‘dealership in a briefcase’. This soon to be launched service has combined two existing technologies – car configuration and virtual reality headsets. According to Audi, their prospective customers will be able don a VR headset and sit inside their virtual car-to-be as they configure it.

audi-vr-headset-2The system’s database will contain all the color and trim options for each model in the Audio range, including leathers, trims and infotainment systems. Audi claims, the buyers will be able to put together their new Audi from the wheels up, in every detail, and then take a seat in the new car. Users will simply need to move their head as if they’re looking around, and the display in the headset will show the part of the car at which they would be looking. Audi hasn’t mentioned anything about the hardware but the setup includes a Bang & Olufsen headset to transmit a range of acoustics from the sound of doors closing to the noise from the advanced sound system. This new tool will be at the dealerships by the end of 2015.


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