Bang & Olufsen’s stunning OLED TV and speaker get a new wood and brass finished edition

In the month of March this year, Bang & Olufsen introduced a new version of its critically acclaimed BeoVision Eclipse OLED TV sporting a beautiful hand-crafted wood finish. The Danish brand has now launched another iteration of the 4K TV, along with the BeoLab 50 loudspeaker rendered in a “Brass Tone and Smoked Oak” colorway. The new version of the BeoVision Eclipse has been designed by award-winning Torsten Valeur of David Lewis Designers. It features brass-tone aluminum finish on the motorized floor stand, as well as the side and back of the sound center. In addition to it, the BeoRemote One BT Netflix version also has been given the brass-tone touch, while the speaker cover on the front is handmade in smoked oak wood. BeoVision Eclipse Brass Tone and Smoked Oak is priced at $10,995 for the 55” version and $15,995 for the 65” version.

The BeoLab 50 Brass Tone and Smoked Oak speaker, on the other hand, is the work of André Poulheim of Noto Design GmbH. The speaker been carefully anodized in a brass-tone including the motorized acoustic lens, which appears when the loudspeaker is switched on, and the unique beam width control, which decides if you are having a sweet spot moment or going for a wider sound dispersion. The brass finish is augmented by the smoked oak wood overlay on the side of the speaker. A single unit of the speaker is available for $19,584. The BeoLab 50 Brass Tone and Smoked Oak loudspeaker is already available in Bang & Olufsen stores, while the BeoVision Eclipse Brass Tone and Smoked Oak TV will hit the stores at the end of May.


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