Bath-o-matic: New iPhone application will have your bath ready

Thanks to the numerous applications and features, the iPhone has become more of a necessity than just a luxury. Here is the latest application for your iPhone that will make you appreciate your phone even more. Known as the Bath-o-matic, this new application from Apple will allow users to select the temperature, depth and fragrance of the water and even how many bubbles they want in the bath provided they buy the £4,000 ($6,500) technology (including high tech taps). This software communicates to the high tech taps and allows you to control the pressure and draining of the water through your phone. This amazing device has been created by London based company Unique Automation and offers energy and water savings plus flooding and scalding prevention. Just imagine walking home to a perfect bath that’s waiting just for you. Wow, I already see myself sending a message to my high tech bath every time I leave my workplace.

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I just wish the technology didn’t cost so much. There is a shower version of this application in the works; maybe it will be cheaper. Fingers crossed.

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