Beyoncé’s Stylist has created the selfie tool that everyone’s been waiting for

Stylist to Queen Bey herself, Ty Hunter knows a thing or two about looking good for the camera. Sometimes even with the perfect make-up and outfit, bad lighting can make your selfie fall flat, that’s why Ty has created Ty-Lite a cute and convenient phone case which ensures you always have the perfect glow in your pictures.

Ty-Lite is an iPhone case that comes with an inbuilt LED light to illuminate your face as you click the perfect profile picture. The phone’s LED halo comes with three light settings: warm, cool and brilliant to ensure that you have the perfect light for every occasion. Cool is best suited for when you’re taking a picture outside while warm gives the picture a glossy effect. Brilliant is when you’re going for an all-out glam look. You can even decide how bright or dim you want the light to be.
The Ty-Lite also comes with its own battery so it won’t drain the life out of your phone. Tinseltown’s newest selfie secret retails for $80, a small price to pay for all the fabulous self-portraits that you’ll be taking soon. Currently the Ty-Lite is available for iPhone 6s, 6, 5s and Galaxy s6 and can be purchased from

[ Available at : Ty-Lite ]

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