Bissol for iPhone 5 is the world’s first mobile timepiece

Bissol has announced the world’s first mobile timepiece, which has specifically been created for Apple’s iPhone 5. The horological device attaches to the base of an iPhone 5 and allows the user to tell what the time is without switching on the phone or pressing the home button. Not only does it save iPhone 5’s battery, but it will also help the user to look glamorous. Bissol for iPhone 5 is a mix of traditions and modernity. Caliber 788 is the first movement of its class and comes enclosed in an anodized aluminum case with a painted sapphire crystal.

The quartz moon phase is Swiss-made and is plated with gold. The 5 jeweled movement is certainly one of the most luxurious-looking timepieces that we have ever come across. Certainly, this device should be of great importance to those who not only like to stay in sync with time but also with all things luxe. Bissol for iPhone 5 could make a great gift for those who love horological devices and Apple’s products simultaneously.

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