Bremont B-1 Marine Clock: The timepiece for your super yacht

British watchmaker, Bremont has unveiled its recent masterpiece, the Bremont B-1 Marine Clock. Made entirely in England, the B-1 Marine clock is a contemporary take on a form that goes back over 300 years. The Bremont B-1 tells the local time as well as the time at your home. Furthermore, it tells the time of a trip of up to 90 days, by days, hours, and months. When fully wound, the timepiece will run for 40 days. The dial displays the power reserve indicator (state of wind) and shows GMT and the date. The timepiece boasts of a classic English-lever escapement and a twin fusee movement. The case is water-resistant and measures 30 cm in diameter. The exquisite timepiece is handmade to order and customized according to customer requirements. Each Bremont B-1 timepiece will be accompanied by hardware for wall mounting or table display, and finishes can also be customized to match a craft’s interior.

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The price will vary according to the requirement of every buyer. But one thing is for sure, this exquisite creation isn’t coming cheap.

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