Built with a piece of SpaceX’s Dragon Shuttle in it this $5,000 limited edition iPhone 12 Pro pays an ode to Elon Musk

To celebrate SpaceX‘s Dragon mission, Russian custom brand Caviar has put together a special release to honor Elon Musk‘s monumental launch. As Elon Musk continues to amaze the world with his unending supply of breakthrough ideas and innovative engineer thoughts every year; the iPhone too continues to grow expensive each year and with this Limited Edition SpaceX iPhone 12 Pro it’s breaking records by setting you back by a whopping $5,000. For the creation of the premier model in the Discovery Collection on iPhone 12 Pro Caviar designers have inspired the successful flight of Dragon. The body of the model Discovery Musk Be On Mars has a built-in real piece of the SpaceX mission that was in space. So when you’re bringing home this limited-edition iPhone you’re bringing in a piece of space, a sort of technological artifact. The iPhones will bear the words ‘Musk Be On Mars’ written across the back of it along with Elon Musk’s signature adding a whole lot of value to this device especially for ardent fans of space and Musk (don’t think the two can now be mentioned separately). The phones are ultra-exclusive as only 19 of these phones are being sold by Russian luxury brand Caviar. The “Musk Be On Mars” iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will sell between $5,830 and $6,290.

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Caviar is also releasing a limited-edition line of Musk Be On Mars Nike Air Force 1 customized trainers for those who don’t have the interest or money for the space phone. The trainers on the other hand feature a part of the shuttle that went to space and a manually painted alien landscape for $1,380 a pair.

[Available at: CAVIAR]