Swarovski-studded iPhone 4 in gold and platinum is up for grabs

Stuart Hughes rolls out one more dazzling gadget before rounding up for the weekend. This time he has dressed up the iPhone 4 in gold/platinum and caked the rim with intricately placed finest quality Swarovski crystals. More than 500 such dazzling rocks are set in the same manner as diamonds by fusing the latest in CNC technology with traditional jewelry techniques. So if the CrystalRoc’s Swarovski studded iPhone 4 was an overdose of crystals for your taste and the iPhone 4 decked in solid gold and diamonds was out of your reach, then Stuart’s latest Swarovski-studded iPhone 4 in gold or platinum is just what you can settle for.

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Swarovski & Gold iphone 4.jpg
For about $3855 (@ £2,495), you can pick it from www.goldstriker.co.uk
Thanks Stuart!