Would you spend $9,000 for a gold plated iPhone case?

There’s no shortage (nor will there ever be) of iPhone accessories that border on the “status symbol” validation; those which are not just exclusive, but overly ostentatious (and outrageously) sometimes. Take Formartii’s new iPhone case that doesn’t stop at mere gold plating but goes far beyond the conventional with a finely cut “artistic” (used loosely) design that can also feature encrusted jewels or crystals, as per the customers preference.

Essentially these Formartii cases are made from aluminum or stainless steel and are plated in 24k gold after a rather intricate but tad gauche pattern has been cut out using a CNC (computer numerical control) system. Customers can then choose from a range of precious gems or Swarovski crystals that they can add to the case to further its value and flaunt the customization in a more personal fashion. From the “intricate” design of the case it might look like you’d need to pry it open to stick your phone inside, however, Formatti has actually designed a very elegant way to place it on the handset; with a specially designed latch that’s been crafted to blend in with the design, one can simply pop open a clasp, slip the iPhone into the case et voila. This also adds to the overall look and feel of the case itself as it looks somewhat like a seamless cover for Apple’s beloved smartphone.

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To ensure that customers will also have something a little extra to flaunt, the pricing for the cases range from ‘just’ $2,270 (70,000 New Taiwan dollars) to $9,700 (300,000 New Taiwan dollars) for the most expensive option they have. If the mere sight of the case itself doesn’t get people talking, dropping the price during a conversation will surely do it. But as premium cases for the iPhone go, this is far from being the most expensive or outrageous.

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